Convict Allegedly Claims He Killed Cellmate Because He Is a Child Molester

The News Herald reports 21-year-old Frederick Patterson III said he killed his 82-year-old cellmate Arthur Williams on Jan. 15, and told correctional officers that "there's one less child molester on the streets."
FloriDepartment of Corrections
Mariana, FL

A Florida inmate who allegedly killed his cellmate reportedly said he did so because his fellow convict is a child molester.

A Mariana, Florida, inmate, 21-year-old Frederick Patterson, is accused of killing cellmate Arthur Williams, 82, on January 15. When confronted about the act, Patterson allegedly told officials that “there’s one less child molester on the streets.”

Apalachee Correctional Institution authorities reported that the suspect was placed in solitary confinement after inmate Williams’ death, according to the Associated Press.

This is not the first time Patterson has been involved in a murder inside the prison. Originally convicted and jailed for burglary, Patterson is still in the midst of charges that he murdered another cellmate in 2015.

Williams had been arrested for the sexual assault of a ten-year-old boy but had been ruled incompetent to stand trial. He was awaiting transfer to a mental health facility when placed in a cell with Patterson.

Patterson is now facing another charge of first-degree murder to accompany his 2015 charge.

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