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Biden ‘Angry’ Some Dems ‘Don’t Get’ Working-Class Voters, Jabs Paul Ryan for Reading ‘Too Much Ayn Rand’

joe-biden-pissed off AP
Associated Press

Former Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he is “angry” that some leading Democrats just “don’t get it” when it comes to understanding the dignity of work and concerns of working-class Americans.

Biden was in Pennsylvania campaigning for Democrat Conor Lamb, a candidate for Congress in next week’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District. The former vice president told the crowd that he grew up “watching aunts, uncles, friends,” and neighbors losing jobs, and that his dad told him that a job was about “dignity,” “respect,” and “and your place in your community.”

“They don’t get it. Some people in my party don’t even get it anymore. It’s about our pride. It’s about our dignity.It’s about who the hell we are and what we’ve done,” he said. “It makes me angry. It makes me angry.”

Biden also slammed Republicans who are threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare, telling the crowd, “You paid for it. You paid for it.”

“There was a sacred promise made,” he said. “You paid for it.”

Last year, Biden also whacked Democrats for not talking about the concerns of working-class Americans.

“When was the last time you heard us talk about those people?” he asked then.

Biden also jabbed House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)–who ironically worked with New York White House Democrat Gary Cohn (before the globalist announced his resignation on Tuesday evening) to try to change President Donald Trump’s mind on steel tariffs–as a “decent guy” who has “just read too much Ayn Rand.”

Biden is considering challenging Trump in 2020, and Trump ripped him during his Gridiron speech over the weekend to elite D.C. journalists, saying he would “kick his ass” and Biden “doesn’t have a shot”:

There’s talk about Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe, getting into the race. You know what he said, ‘I want to take him behind the barn.’ … Just trust me, I would kick his ass. … Boy, would he be easy. Oh, would he be easy. … But Joe—give me a break. The guy who keeps making outrageous statements thinks he has a shot at being president? Guy makes outrageous statements. … He’s going to be president? He doesn’t have a shot.


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