Police: Woman with White Powder in Nose Ordered Sandwich from Jail Security Booth

Lizbeth Ildefonso white powder

A woman wanted a breakfast sandwich so badly that she ordered a sandwich from a drive-thru window without realizing that it was a jail’s security booth, police said.

Lizabeth Ildefonso, 44, of Riverhead, New York, allegedly attempted to order a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich Friday morning without realizing that she placed her order with a police officer stationed at the Riverhead Correctional Facility’s security booth, NBC New York reported.

Deputy Sheriff Yvonne DeCaro told the woman that she drove up to a county jail and not a fast food joint.

Ildefonso, who drove up to the window in a 2007 Nissan, was not deterred by the sheriff and insisted that she wanted her breakfast sandwich, the sheriff’s office told WPIX.

Police said that during their exchange, DeCaro noticed that the woman had dilated pupils, glassy eyes, and white powder up one of her nostrils.

DeCaro, sensing something was amiss, asked Ildefonso to undergo field sobriety testing. Police say Ildefonso failed the tests and was arrested and charged with a felony count of driving while impaired by drugs and one count of driving without a license.

The woman agreed to take a blood test to determine if she had drugs in her system, but the results of the test are not yet available, police say.

Ildefonso is scheduled to appear at her arraignment hearing Saturday at Southampton Town Justice Court, Newsday reported.

Ildefonso is not the only one who allegedly ordered food from a non-food establishment while intoxicated. In January, a Florida man allegedly attempted to order a burrito through a bank’s drive-thru window while under the influence of prescription drugs.