Morning After: Donald Trump Declares ‘Mission Accomplished!’ in Syria

donald trump

President Donald Trump declared “mission accomplished” after ordering precision missile strikes in Syria just hours earlier.

“A perfectly executed strike last night,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!”

The United States military teamed up with forces from Britain and France to strike several targets in Syria, including three facilities used to develop and store chemical weapons.

“Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military,” Trump added.

The president tied the military strike into his decision to dramatically boost military spending in the recent omnibus spending bill.

“So proud of our great Military which will soon be, after the spending of billions of fully approved dollars, the finest that our Country has ever had,” Trump wrote. “There won’t be anything, or anyone, even close!”

The president revealed his decision to strike the Assad regime in Syria on Friday night, saying that it was in the interest of the United States to prevent the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.

“We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents,” he said.

General James Mattis described the military strike as a “one-time shot” which was roughly double the power of the 2017 strike in Syria.

When asked if the United States was preparing for more attacks on Syria, the General indicated that it was up to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to direct the next move.

“That will depend on Mr. Assad,” he said.


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