Police Investigating Car Left Dangling by a Rope on Toronto Bridge

Toronto cops are left stumped by sight of blue sedan dangling by a rope from one of city's busiest bridges

Canadian police are trying to find out how an empty car wound up dangling from a Toronto bridge Wednesday morning, and suspect there might be some clever pranksters behind the act.

Officers responded to the scene after receiving calls from terrified commuters as they traveled underneath the Millwood Overpass Bridge, the Daily Mail reported.

The blue sedan, with no windows and a burned out interior, dangled 40 feet off the ground from the rope attached to the bridge.

Authorities checked the area to see if it was clear before deciding to cut the rope holding up the vehicle. Firefighters cut the cord around 10 a.m., although they were not sure how long the vehicle had been left hanging from the bridge.

At first, the police thought the dangling car was part of a movie shoot, but officers quickly realized there were no permits on file with the city to film at that location. Officers then began an investigating the incident as a case of “public mischief.”

“At this time, it is believed this incident was intended as a prank,” the Toronto Police Service said in a statement. “This incident resulted in the use of significant resources that were not available to attend to genuine emergency calls for service.”

It is not the first time that this sighting has appeared in Canada. In 2008, a group of engineering students from the University of British Columbia reportedly left a Volkswagen Beetle suspended under the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver.


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