Delingpole: From Paris and Korea to Iran, Trump Is Making the World Great Again

Trump Speaking
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The Iran deal was as meaningless, dishonest, and counterproductive as the Paris climate treaty. Only one world leader had the courage, self-confidence, and insight to see them both for the shams they are…

Yet guess which is the one who is being vilified right now by the global mainstream media as the irresponsible crazy who has brought the world a step closer to the brink of war.

Yup. Once again, Donald Trump is on his own.

(Actually not quite in this case. He’s got Israel onside and he’s got Saudi Arabia onside– and for my money these are by far the most important allies he needs to win over in this particular game.)

When he quit the Paris climate treaty, Donald Trump pressed the reset button on the U.S. energy economy. That reset button meant: “No more being bullied by Euro socialists pushing their renewables and decarbonization snake oil. From now on we go with the real science and the hard economics. America is going to be the world’s greatest fossil fuel superpower.”

His decision to pull out of the Obama/Kerry Iran fiasco will have similarly dramatic consequences. Terrible ones if you are one of Iran’s mullahs or a member of the various terror groups and military outfits the regime bankrolls. But hugely beneficial ones for most of the rest of us.

We’re all sick of chaos in the Middle East and the terror and chaos it is exporting to our home countries.

Nixing the Iran deal won’t solve this in a trice. But what it will do is put the onus on the Middle East players to take responsibility for sorting out their own mess – and giving the signal that the U.S. has their back if they do the right thing.

We can all sleep more safely in our beds thanks to Trump’s bold decision.

Don’t expect much of the world’s media to give him credit for this any time soon.

James Delingpole is a writer, journalist, and columnist. He is the executive editor at Breitbart London Follow him on Twitter: @JamesDelingpole


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