Nevada Police Find Wrecked $300,000 McLaren Sports Car in Desert with No Passengers Inside

Nevada police find wrecked $300,000 McLaren supercar in the desert, but no one with it
Nevada Highway Patrol

The Nevada Highway Patrol found a totaled McLaren sports car in the middle of the desert Friday, but without any trace of the passengers that once occupied the vehicle.

Highway patrol officers found the scattered remains of a $300,000 McLaren 720 about 70 yards away from the road near the Lake Mead Recreational Area, finding that the damaged vehicle rolled over at least once and stopped short of falling down a ravine, Fox News reported.

But when authorities investigated the crash, they found no passengers or remains inside. Police say the vehicle’s two occupants made it out alive with minor injuries and received treatment at a hospital for cuts and bruises.

The NHP Southern Command tweeted that despite the serious damage to the vehicle, the driver and passenger avoided more serious injuries because they were wearing seatbelts.

The luxury car and its owners were participating in an exotic car rally where owners of exotic supercars travel across the country and host parties at stops on the journey.

A driver of a Lamborghini taking part in the event spoke with the passengers of the McLaren after the accident and confirmed that they are okay.

The McLaren 720 is one of the fastest sports cars in the world, reaching a top speed of 212 miles per hour (mph).


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