Establishment Loses Big as Grassroots Candidates Surge in Texas, Georgia

Dan Crenshaw for Congress

The establishment wing 0f the Republican Party was dealt another serious set of blows on Tuesday as candidates from the grassroots anti-establishment wing, especially in Texas but also in Georgia, emerged victorious in another set of key primary and runoff races.

In the 21st congressional district of Texas in particular, the former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and an anti-establishment crusader Chip Roy cruised to victory over the Washington establishment-backed Matt McCall in the primary runoff. Roy is heavily favored to win in November, and is expected to quickly become a fighter against the establishment as soon as he gets to the Capitol.

“Absolutely, without reservation,” Roy replied when asked on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel last weekend if he would join the Freedom Caucus when he wins. “I’m proud to be endorsed by Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows in the House and Louie Gohmert and other members of the Freedom Caucus. I’m just unequivocally supportive of what they’ve been doing and would be proud to join with them.”


Part of the reason Roy’s victory is so significant is that he will, assuming he wins in the heavily GOP-favored race in November, replace retiring House Science Committee chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). While Smith is a solid conservative who is firmly in line with conservative policies on basically every issue, stylistically he is not a rabble-rouser who causes problems for the establishment wing of the party. In other words, conservatives in the Freedom Caucus have flipped this district their way in the intra-party war–getting a committee chairman’s seat, and turning it into a Freedom Caucus seat.

In the numbers game that lies ahead in the battle for control of the House GOP conference, every pickup for the Freedom Caucus matters. They  already flipped another high-profile seat in North Carolina when Dr. Mark Harris defeated Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) and now add more likely members to their ranks after these runoffs in Texas–Roy chief among them. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), the chairman of the Freedom Caucus, and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the group’s chairman emeritus, demonstrated just this past week what they are capable of with a member count in the high 30s or low 40s–the group’s actual member list and count is a secret, but it is estimated to be in the high 30s or low 40s–so imagine what they could do with 50 or more members, maybe even into the 60s.

Roy’s victory was hardly the only anti-establishment win on Tuesday. In the second district of Texas, the fiercely anti-establishment Dan Crenshaw crushed his establishment-backed opponent. Crenshaw, who similarly is favored to win easily in November, is a retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander who literally lost his eye fighting terrorists.

Check this ad out from Crenshaw:

Here’s Crenshaw himself explaining it more in depth:

Crenshaw was backed by members of the Texas Freedom Caucus, which is reportedly in some cases even more hardcore than its national U.S. House counterpart. Crenshaw is the odds-on favorite to win against the Democrat in November and will replace outgoing Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), who abandoned his slot in the Freedom Caucus during the healthcare debate at the beginning of this Congress. The establishment Poe’s abandonment is seen as some kind of win against conservatives, but the joke’s on the establishment now, because Crenshaw is expected to join the rowdy conservative outsiders’ group upon his swearing in–and what a pickup this is for Meadows’ team: a Navy SEAL who lost his eye battling terrorists and sports a pretty badass-looking eyepatch.

That’s not all: Conservatives are very excited about two more wins in Texas, as well. Michael Cloud’s victory in the 27th district of Texas is being widely hailed by outsiders on Tuesday evening, as is the win by Ron Wright in Texas’s sixth congressional district. Both are expected to join the House Freedom Caucus when they arrive in Washington.

In Georgia, anti-establishment forces also won big in the governor’s primary–which is headed to a runoff–as the two top vote-getters have run hardcore pro-Trump, anti-establishment campaigns. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, for instance, made national headlines a couple months ago when he killed a thought-to-be-finalized tax break deal on jet fuel for Atlanta-based Delta Airlines, costing the company hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits over the course of the coming years when Delta cut ties with the NRA.

Cagle said in an appearance on Breitbart News Daily in March:

First of all, corporations have the right to do business with whoever they want to–but in this situation though, and this is an important distinction in my view. Delta negotiated with the NRA to do their national convention and they sold out an x number of seats at a price no different than a hotel would sell out in order to provide a discount for that particular group. But then the liberal left weighed in and said you have to abandon your relationship, along with the discounts with the NRA–and Delta caved. I think it was a horrible decision on their part. I’m kind of like Warren Buffett–I think corporations exist not to push a social agenda, but they exist to make money to return back to their shareholders. This has to end. So I just stepped up and said enough is enough. Conservatives are tired of continuing to get kicked around, and law abiding citizens and gun owners that are out here trying to do their thing, and then you’ve got corporations weighing in to this degree. So the little sweetheart tax deal that they had went away as a result of their decision. When conservatives stand up and conservatives fight back, we always win. And we’re winning on this. Now, listen the left has attacked me like you wouldn’t believe.

Cagle was viciously attacked by the establishment media, from USA Today to the New York Times and more, for his stand for the Second Amendment and against corporate warfare.


But the other candidate heading into the runoff with Cagle, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, also has run a gun-and-culture focused campaign with a series of colorful campaign ads.

In this ad, for instance, Kemp shows off his truck that he has just in case he needs to round up “criminal illegals” and deport them himself–all in between blowing stuff up and locking and loading his guns:

And then there is this ad, in which Kemp interviews a young man interested in dating his daughter about his values and support for the Second Amendment–while holding a gun:


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