Donald Trump Slams ‘Corrupt’ and ‘Crazy’ Judicial Border Enforcement

Deported Illegal Aliens
John Moore/Getty Images

President Donald J. Trump expressed his frustration with current border security laws, requiring a judicial ruling to determine whether or not an illegal alien claiming asylum should be allowed to stay in the country.

“The whole system is corrupt, it’s horrible,” he said in an interview with Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade aired Thursday. “You need thousands of judges based on this crazy system.”

Trump responded to Kilmeade’s question about the current backlog of 700,000 immigration cases frequently leading to a two-year delay for court hearings.

“Whoever heard of a system where you put people through trials? Where do these judges come from?”

Trump said that the government had “no choice” other than to change the current laws enabling catch-and-release loopholes.

“It’s crazy, we have the worst immigration laws in the entire world by far,” he said.


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