Abortion Lobbying Giant NARAL Ripped for Celebrating ‘Pro-Choice’ Dads

Twitter/via NARAL

Abortion industry lobbying giant NARAL tweeted its good wishes to “pro-choice” dads for doing their part to raise “future generations of feminists,” but got slammed for what many viewed as a distorted view of the day to honor men who give life.

“Hey dads, Happy #FathersDay!” tweeted NARAL. “Caring about women’s #reprofreedom & bodily autonomy makes you better at raising future generations of feminists. So if you’re a pro-choice dad & one of the many #MenForChoice, we’re celebrating you today!”

Conservative author and CRTV host Michelle Malkin responded that NARAL’s tweet is “sick.”

“Thinking today of all the would-be dads mourning their unborn children sacrificed at the altar of ‘choice,’” Malkin posted.

Pro-life advocate and author of Target Africa, Obianuju Ekeocha also reacted to NARAL’s tweet with her comment that #MenForChoice “has led to millions of lost fatherhood. Real men should never support the killing of their children.”

Others commented on the irony of NARAL’s message in celebrating men who support aborting their unborn babies, instead of welcoming life and taking on the responsibility of fatherhood. Still others observed how NARAL and #MenForChoice failed to respect the separate life of the child they helped create, and how unborn babies have no choice at all, according to the abortion industry.

The comment was also made that feminism is a “cult,” that demands group-think of its members – not independence.

Some took to Twitter to respond that NARAL’s tweet demonstrated its self-centeredness:


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