Trump Rallies Crowd: Media Doesn’t ‘Want to Talk to the Angel Moms’

Ralph Freso/Getty Images
Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Thousands cheered President Donald Trump in a Minnesota stadium Wednesday night as he blasted the media for avoiding coverage of Americans who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime. 

“The media never talks about the American victims of illegal immigration,” charged Trump. “I know them well. I know so many of them. I campaigned with them. What’s happened to their children.? What’s happened to their husbands? What’s happened to their wives?”

“The media doesn’t talk about the American families permanently separated from their loved ones because Democrat policies released violent criminals into our communities,” he continued, eliciting boos from the crowd in apparent agreement. “We need safety. We need safety.”

“They don’t bring cameras to interview the angel moms whose children were killed by criminal aliens who should have never been here in the first place, not even close,” Trump said to applause from the rallyers. “They don’t want to talk to the angel moms. But as your president, I will always fight to protect American families. Always.”

Cheers and applause rose louder around the stadium.

Media outlets repeatedly failed to show up for National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime in 2014 and 2015, despite receiving notice of the events from organizers. Breitbart News covered these events in southern California. In July 2015, then-candidate Trump forced the media to cover their heartbreaking stories. It was his first meeting with several of these family members, a private meeting, after which he brought these Americans before the many cameras gathered for candidate Trump and gave the podium over to them, allowing them to tell the stories of their dead loved ones, killed at the hands of illegal aliens.

“I will always fight for an immigration system that defends our borders and takes care of our sovereignty as a nation,” he said at Wednesday evening’s rally, eliciting hoots from the Minnesota crowd. “I will never sacrifice the safety and security of the American people, and I will never be silent in the face of vicious smears and attacks on the heroic agents and officers of ICE and the Border Patrol who save millions, just, the jobs they do save thousands and thousands of lives and are so brave and are so tough.”

Cheers rose again for ICE and Border Patrol law enforcement.

“If you want to create a humane, lawful system of immigration then you need to retire the Democrats and elect Republicans to finally secure our borders,” Trump charged the crowd. “Because we need Democrat votes, we have a majority of one in the Senate. We need Democrat votes in the Senate. We need additional votes in the Senate.”

He promised walls at the border, “but it’s a lot tougher than it needs to be,” said the president.

Since taking office, Trump has hosted angel families at the White House. Those involved included legal immigrant Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien. And there was Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son Jamiel Jr. was targeted and killed for the color of his skin; Mary Ann Mendoza, whose police sergeant son Brandon was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien; and Michelle Wilson-Root, whose daughter Sarah was killed hours after graduating college by a drunk driving illegal alien. Press pool coverage of a roundtable that day between Trump and these families left out almost all of the words from the families. The White House later posted video of the event, allowing the public to see the words that the media scarcely covered.

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