Limbaugh: Democrats Defend ‘Unequal Treatment’ of Trump Supporters as Confederates Defended Slavery

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Radio host Rush Limbaugh likened current-day Democrats who are defending discrimination against President Donald Trump’s supporters to the Confederates of the old South, who called for civil war to defend their unequal treatment of black slaves.

On Monday, Limbaugh said today’s liberal Democrats are “in open defiance of federal law,” reinforcing sanctuary cities, defending illegal immigration, and demanding to treat people unequally simply on the basis of political differences. Similarly, the Democrats of the old South refused to accept the loss of slavery and continued to defend the “unequal treatment of blacks,” though federal law clearly made such treatment illegal.

The conservative host continued:

Now, back in the slave days, Confederates went to war to defend the unequal treatment of African Americans. The Confederates, the Democrats of the old South went to war. It was called the civil war, for, among other things, to defend the unequal treatment of blacks, to maintain them as slaves.

Present-day Confederates, today’s Democrats, are gearing up for a war over the unequal treatment of Trump supporters and Republicans. They will eventually put up signs — they already are — “Republicans not welcome.” “Republicans must move to the back of the bus.” “Republicans, Trump supporters, must not show up here.” It’s eerie, the similarities here: the open defiance of the federal government, the demand to be able to treat unequal and unfairly people with whom you disagree with politically.

Limbaugh said Southern Democrats discriminated by race during the Confederacy, and today’s Democrats are now discriminating by Party affiliation.

“It all feels very familiar,” he said. “And if there is a civil war in this country, some think it has already begun and that we’re in the midst of it now. It sure looks like it’s going to be over political affiliation.”

“The Democrats sure seem hell-bent on running a single-Party country and punishing anybody and everybody who is not in their Party,” he added. “Their anger and their hatred know no bounds. They have been fully poisoned by the hatred they harbor.”


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