WATCH: Florida Road Rage Incident Becomes Four-Woman Street Brawl

A road rage incident on a Florida street turned violent Monday when four women got into a violent brawl, according to a video of the incident released Thursday.

The video, captured by a driver sitting in a nearby vehicle, shows a woman hitting another woman in the front passenger seat of a vehicle with a baton used by security guards and law enforcement officers.

The woman with the baton, Willie Edwards, hits the second woman, Erica James, multiple times as James tries to kick her attacker away from her, the Daily Mail reported.

The driver of the vehicle, Rose Alvarez, gets out of the car five seconds later to keep the conflict between the two women from escalating any further, when a fourth woman tries to confront her.

The fourth woman, Marquavia Jenkins, appears to push Alvarez while she is trying to get to the two brawling women. Moments later, Jenkins and Alvarez start their own brawl.

Jenkins holds Alvarez by her hair and pushes her to the ground while Edwards and James are still fighting. An unidentified man attempts to break up the brawl before the video ends.

Once police officers arrived at the scene, both cars had driven away, and the fight had dissipated.

When police discovered two women, ages 22 and 26, at a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, they opened an investigation to see who their attackers were.

The investigation led authorities to arrest Edwards, 18, and Jenkins, 21, on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated battery in connection with the alleged incident.

The state of Florida is no stranger to road rage incidents. In March, a Florida woman was savagely beaten by two women armed with baseball bats in a South Florida parking lot due to road rage.

In April, a road rage dispute in Florida got ugly when a driver rammed a motorcyclist off the road.


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