Big Blue Bellyflop: Polls Show Democrats Losing Bid to Capture U.S. Senate

Supporter Jan Yanes, center, cries as Democratic candidate for 6th congressional district
AP/David Goldman

The latest batch of Axios/Survey Monkey polls shows that Democrats are in real danger of losing three U.S. Senate seats, which means they have no chance of capturing that chamber in 2018.

In order to take control of the Senate, Democrats must hold on to all 10 seats currently up for grabs in states President Trump won in 2016. On top of that, they must snatch two seats from incumbent Republicans.

According to these polls, Democrat incumbents in Florida, North Dakota, and Indiana are losing to their Republican challengers by three, five, and two points, respectively.

Another endangered Democrat incumbent, the increasingly embattled Claire McCaskill, is only ahead by two points in Missouri.

Democrats do appear to have an opportunity to pick up Republican seats in Arizona, where likely GOP nominee Martha McSally is four points behind Democrat nominee Kyrsten Sinema. Not helping matters is Jeff Flake, the wildly unpopular Never Trump Republican who retired knowing he had no chance of winning re-election.

Also at risk is Republican Dean Heller of Nevada; his Democrat challenger is up three.

Nevertheless, if these polls prove to be 100 percent accurate, the GOP holds the U.S. Senate.

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