Kansas City Zoo Calls ‘Code Red’ as Rhino Escapes Its Enclosure

Poachers shoot dead three rhinos inside Kenyan sanctuary

The Kansas City Zoo initiated a “code red” alert when a rhinoceros escaped its enclosure, causing officials to ask guests and employees to shelter in place.

A zoo spokesperson told KSHB that zookeepers issued the “code red” alert around 10:20 a.m. Monday when the female rhino, Imara, gained access to a zookeeper area outside of her stall because the padlock to her enclosure was not secured.

Kansas City Zoo spokesperson Josh Hollingsworth said the zookeeper area is a hallway inside the building, and nowhere near areas accessible to zoo guests.

WDAF reported that the whole incident lasted about 15 minutes. Zoo officials ushered Imara back to her enclosure without incident. No injuries to the guests, staff, or the rhino have been reported.

Officials gave the all clear and said they would be reviewing security procedures with staff.

The incident comes nearly two weeks after a jaguar broke loose from its enclosure at a New Orleans zoo. The animal escaped through a hole it chewed in one of the stainless steel cables atop its enclosure before killing nine animals.


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