Judge Jeanine Tells Teens Not to Let Whoopi, Leftists Shut Them Down in 2018

Whoopi vs Judge Jeanine ABC

Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News called on a Trump DC Hotel banquet room full of Turning Point USA youth Tuesday night to work harder in the 2018 midterm elections and not to let unashamed leftists shut them down like Whoopi Goldberg tried to do to her on ABC’s The View.

“He came to us at just the right time,” Pirro said of President Donald J. Trump as she spoke to about 800 teens at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC. “He came to us after we suffered an administration riddled with corruption. The economy was in shambles, we had a feckless foreign policy.” 

“Everything was wrong about the eight years before he came to us,” Pirro said of Trump. “He makes America great every day.” The crowd cheered loudly in response.

She described Hillary Clinton as a “corrupt woman” with “no morals and no ethics” as Democrats tried to push her across the finish line in her 2016 run for president. “They were willing to do so at the expense of truth and justice and the American way,” she said. “They wanted to frame the man who is now our president.” She said they wanted to do it with claims of “Russia collusion,” at which the crowd booed.

Pirro referenced her book Liars, Leakers, and Liberals and her long experience working in the justice system.

“I know a con when I see it and that is the lying left today in America,” said Pirro.

She said that they worked hard to get Trump elected, but that they are now at a crucial point and “we need to work harder in 2018.”

“They are determined. They are locked down. And they are focused on us, and I’ve experienced it less than a week ago on national television on the ABC network,” Pirro said of her fiery appearance on The View television program.

“They’re not ashamed to shut us down and they’re not going to shut us down anymore,” said Pirro of her appearance on The View.

“Whoopi Goldberg,” Pirro said to loud boos from the crowd. “That woman. She didn’t want to know about my book. She wanted to trash the president,” said Pirro. “She wanted to shut us down and then she cursed at us and threw us out of the f-ing building in front of everyone and no one did anything,” she said. Pirro said she and her staff left respectfully and quietly.

The crowd rose repeatedly to their feet with cheers for Pirro’s words. 

“We’re not fascists, they’re the fascists. When they don’t allow us to speak,” said Pirro. She told the crowd that when ANTIFA and George Soros forces try to shut them down, they need to “come back five times, ten times more.”

She encouraged the crowd to read her book to have the facts in their hands and “every time they try to shut you down, you push back. You make sure that they don’t think that you’re weak or that you’re going to go away because we’re not going away.”

“These are bad people folks. This is not what America’s made of,” she said of those who attack the President and his family.

The crowd rose with chants of “USA, USA, USA” for a second time at the conclusion of Pirro’s remarks.

Michelle Moons is a White House Correspondent for Breitbart News — follow on Twitter @MichelleDiana and Facebook


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