Donald Trump Urges the Senate to Pass Work Requirements for Food Stamps

We Accept Food Stamps sign in the window of God Bless Deli
J.G. Park/Flickr

President Donald Trump signaled his support Thursday for work requirements for food stamps.

“When the House and Senate meet on the very important Farm Bill – we love our farmers – hopefully, they will be able to leave the WORK REQUIREMENTS FOR FOOD STAMPS PROVISION that the House approved,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The House version of the farm bill barely passed with a vote of 213-211 and included work requirements for single food stamp recipients. Democrats voted unanimously against the bill.

The House and the Senate have to take the bill to conference, however, which will likely strip the provision from the final bill to get past the 60 vote threshold.

Trump urged the Senate to end the filibuster and move the legislation forward.

“Senate should go to 51 votes!” he wrote.

The current Farm Bill expires September 30.


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