Daily Beast: Fox News’ ‘Hard News’ Shows Have a ‘Ban’ on Seb Gorka

Sebastian Gorka
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Asawin Suebsaeng and Maxwell Tani write in The Daily Beast that Fox News contributor Sebastian Gorka is under a “soft ban” by the so-called “hard news” shows at the network:

Fox News’ “hard news” shows—which fall under the network’s news division and pride themselves on being at least somewhat distinct from Fox’s pro-Trumpagitpropapparatus—want nothing to do with former White House official Sebastian Gorka, multiple sources at Fox News told The Daily Beast.

One knowledgeable Fox News staffer described the situation as effectively a “soft ban” on Gorka, the controversialfirebrand ex-aide to President Donald Trump and former national security adviser to Steve Bannon.

During his stint in the Trump administration, before his ouster by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly last August, Gorka was targeted by various internal enemies and colleagues who sought to marginalize him on actual policy-making, and leaked aggressively against him to the media. Still, he managed to survive longer than his former boss Bannon, and became an on-screen favorite of Trump, who got a kick out of how much Gorka seemed to relish berating and debating journalists during media appearances.

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