In Minnesota, Donald Trump Rips Leftist Keith Ellison


President Donald Trump criticized Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison during a rally in the state on Thursday.

He reminded voters that Ellison marched in a parade wearing an “I do not believe in borders” shirt.

“Oh that’s wonderful,” Trump said as the crowd booed loudly.

“If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country!” Trump added.

Trump noted that Ellison, the Deputy Director of the Democratic National Committee, sponsored a government takeover of healthcare.

“Keith Ellison’s Democratic party embraces radical socialism and open borders,” he said.

Ellison is running for Minnesota Attorney General, despite his former girlfriend accusing him of physical violence. Trump did not mention the allegations.

Trump gave Ellison credit, however, for predicting that he could win the Republican primary, referring to a 2016 video clip of reporters laughing at the idea.

“That’s the last time he was right!” Trump said.

Trump said that when he first announced his run for president, the media thought he was doing it for fun.

“You think this is fun? This is a lot of work,” he said. “A lot more work than anybody knew.”


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