Brooklyn Borough President: ‘From Now on I Will Bring My Handgun’ to Synagogue

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams speaks onstage at the Captain America statue dedi

Brooklyn borough president Eric L. Adams, a Democrat, made clear his response to the Tree of Life Synagogue attack, saying he would be armed and ready should such an attacker target a synagogue in his county.

The New York Times reports that Adams is a retired New York Police Department captain who admitted his decision to carry a gun for defense of himself and fellow worshipers would not be applauded politically. But he said, “It’s not popular, but it’s right.”

He added, “We have to live in the real universe that we’re in.”

Other Jewish leaders rallied around Adams’ announcement and announced they would be pursuing a gun license:

The day after the heinous attack that took 11 lives at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Breitbart’s Joel Pollak stressed, “We Jews have the Second Amendment; we should use it.”

He wrote:

Jews in the U.S. should take a cue from our brethren in Israel. We have no choice but to arm ourselves — either personally, or by hiring armed guards for synagogues and schools.

It is a dismal reality — but it need not be a debilitating one, just as buying life insurance does not mean being preoccupied by death. We cannot wait for a political solution to gun violence — which will never come — nor can we trust extremists to comply with the law.

Pollak added, “The Torah also commands us to use deadly force to stop someone who intends to kill others and cannot be stopped any other way. Thankfully, we have the Second Amendment. We should use it.”

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