Donald Trump: Facebook, Twitter and Google ‘Biased’ Toward Democrats

donald trump google

President Donald Trump accused top Silicon Vally tech companies of bias toward Democrats on Tuesday.

“Facebook, Twitter and Google are so biased toward the Dems it is ridiculous!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The president claimed that Twitter “made it much more difficult” for people to follow him, removing accounts and slowing the rise of his follower count.

“They have removed many names and greatly slowed the level and speed of increase,” Trump wrote. “They have acknowledged-done NOTHING!”

In June, a recent Twitter purge of accounts lowered Trump’s follower count by hundreds of thousands.

Breitbart News reported that the president’s engagement with his Facebook page had declined by 45 percent after the company tweaked its algorithm.

The president continues to question the fairness of social media companies as the establishment media raises concerns about Russian weaponizing the platforms to sow discord.

Trump also commented on the appearances of bias from the companies in August.

“I think it’s a very serious problem, because they’re really trying to silence a very large part of this country,” he said. “It’s not right, it’s not fair it may not be legal, but we’ll see. We just want fairness.”


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