Trump Denies Military Aircraft for Nancy Pelosi’s Foreign Trip During Shutdown

US President Donald Trump (R) listens while presumptive Speaker, House Minority Leader Nan

President Donald Trump sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, demanding that she cancel her upcoming trip to Europe and the Middle East.

“Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed,” he wrote, informing the speaker that she could “reschedule” the weeklong trip abroad when the shutdown was over.

The president used a similar tone of Pelosi’s letter sent on Wednesday, urging him to cancel his State of the Union speech on January 29.

“I also feel that, during this period, it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the strong border security movement to end the shutdown,” he wrote.

He offered Pelosi the chance, however, to allow her to make the trip by flying on commercial flights instead of a taxpayer-funded military jet.

“Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative,” he said.

The president added that he “looked forward” to meeting with Pelosi in the future to make a deal to end the shutdown.

Read the letter below:


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