Exclusive – Rep. Ken Buck: Illegal Aliens ‘Ripping Off the Names of Hispanic Americans’ Through Identity Theft

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) told Breitbart News that Hispanic Americans are favored targets of identity theft for illegal aliens originating from Mexico and Central America.

Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House asked Buck about politicians opposed to border security and American sovereignty.

“It’s absolutely essential that we find a way to shut down that border, and only let people into this country that we want in, and only let things into that we want. I think the Democrats – this idea of having an open border, when we are a very generous society – we have problems in my home state in the areas of education, and health care, and criminal justice as a result of too many people that don’t accept our culture, don’t speak our language, don’t share our values in our country,” said Buck, a former prosecutor.

“It’s a big problem, and I think that the Democrats — while they may gain politically marginally for what they’re doing — I think in the long run they’re going to pay a price for this.”

“There are a number of areas that culturally, we are different than rural areas of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The idea, in parts of those countries, that a 45-year-old man could marry a 12-year-old girl is just not something that is unacceptable, and it obviously is in this country,” Buck added.

“Even if the families agree, it is against our laws, and our laws have to be respected. But there are some areas where we just have a really tough time bringing people into our culture and getting them used to it; children in school — mandatory education — is just not something that folks in rural areas south of our border accept, and it’s mandatory in this country. So we saw a lot of issues in terms of bringing people into our culture and trying to make them part of our culture.”

“Frankly, if they’re not coming into this country legally, we should not have to spend the money and the time and the effort to do that,” Buck concluded.

House invited Buck to respond to dismissals of border insecurity as a “manufactured crisis.”

Buck replied, “There are people out of work that want work that are here legally, that are citizens, and they are undercut in their wages by illegal immigrants coming into the country, and that’s wrong. There are people in this country that are victims of crime, and they’re victims because people that are in this country illegally have driven drunk or have done other things.”

Buck went on, “We have a huge identity theft problem. It’s kind of funny, but they don’t take Ken Buck’s name when they assume somebody’s identity. They’re ripping off the name of a Hispanic American, and I got calls just about every day at the DA’s office that someone had used a U.S. citizen’s identity to get a job in Colorado, and this person now had to deal with the IRS and other areas. So identity theft is a huge problem that is caused by our lack of enforcement of immigration laws.”

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