Anti-Trump Protesters: Wall is Racist, Feds Torturing Migrants in Custody

A crowd of about 400 protesters rallied in front of the White House on Monday, carrying signs that called President Donald Trump a racist and claimed a wall on the U.S. Border with Mexico is a symbol of the rise of white nationalism under this administration.

One speaker, who works with Amnesty International, said the federal government is torturing migrants who are in custody after crossing the border into the United States. 

“You all are proof that bridges are better than walls,” she said. “That love trumps hate. That no human being is illegal. And that we are all by virtue of our shared condition guaranteed to the same human rights.”

Some protesters evoked President Barack Obama in their hateful signs about President Trump. (Penny Starr/Breitbart News)

She told the story of a woman was separated for her son the entered the United States seeking asylum.

“Ice then jailed her in a prison-like facility in El Paso even though she and her child were here in search of protection,” the woman said. 

“At Amnesty International, we’ve concluded that the treatment [the woman] has faced at the hands of the U.S government amounts to torture,” she said.

One protester seemed to believe that not only did Trump collude with the Russians but is an agent. (Penny Starr/Breitbart News)

Mary Small of the Detention Watch Network was one of the speakers who claimed securing the southern border is racist.

“This emergency declaration is unquestionable wrong, worrying, and a Democracy-damaging power grab by a man and an administration with a wide authoritarian streak and a relentlessly myopic focus on fear-mongering and scapegoating,” Small said. “It’s not just a wall. It’s a monument to his vanity and a sign and signal of ascendent white nationalism.”

“We don’t need another racist monument in this country,” Reggie Hubbard, congressional liaison and Washington, DC, Strategist at, said of the wall.

Pussy hats weren’t in abundance, but protesters carried the same hateful signage that’s been routine at anti-Trump rallies over the past two years: “F**K Trump,” “Fake Emergency, Fake President, Real Loser, Real Traitor,” “Impeach the Russian Agent,” and “Impeach the Creep and Traitorous Veep.”

The also chanted their open borders sentiments, including “From Palestine to Mexico all walls have got to go.”

As Breitbart News reported, the George-Soros-funded organized the protests that allegedly took place across the country.

The list of partners on a website devoted to anti-Trump activities reveals the leftwing politics behind it:

5 Calls



Action Group Network

Action Together Massachusetts

Action Together Network

Action Together SEMA

Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus


Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Inc.

America’s Voice

American Federation of Teachers

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)

Arab American Institute

Bay Resistance

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action

Bernie Sanders Brigade

Blue Future

CAIR Minnesota

CAIR New York

CAP Action

Center for Popular Democracy

Central New York Citizen Action


Church World Service

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)


Daily Kos

Defending Rights & Dissent

Delaware Common Cause

Democracy for America


Fair Immigration Reform Movement

Families Belong Together

Flip Florida

franciscan action network

Global Exchange

Herd on the Hill

iAmerica Action

Immigration Hub


Indivisible Chicago

Indivisible Columbus District 3

Indivisible Front Range Resistance

Indivisible Indiana District 2

Indivisible Kings County

Indivisible Madison

Indivisible NAPA

Indivisible Santa Barbara

Indivisible SF

Indivisible SF Peninsula and CA-14

indivisible Washington’s 8th District

Indivisible: Ohio District 12

J Street

Jeffco CAN

Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action Impact

La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE)

League of Conservation Voters

Milwaukee County Poor People’s Campaign


Muslim Advocates

Muslim Peace Fellowship

National Council of Jewish Women

National Immigrant Justice Center

National Immigration Law Center

NextGen America

Northern Nevada DSA

Ohio Indivisible 15

Peace Action

People Demanding Action

People For the American Way

People’s Action

Peoples Climate Movement

Poligon Education Fund

Postcards for America

Public Citizen

Race Forward


Rainforest Action Network (RAN)



RISE Stronger

Rogan’s List

Saratoga Progressive Action

Sierra Club

Southern Border Communities Coalition

Southland Resistance


Stark Indivisible

T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

The Harry Potter Alliance

The Revolutionary Love Project

The Wisconsin Poor People’s Campaign


United Action for Idaho

United Vision for Idaho

United We Dream

Westchester Citizen Therapists

Win Without War

Working Families Party

On Friday, Trump signed a federal spending bill that gives him $1.3 billion for border security. The president also declared a national emergency to allow him to put alternative monetary resources in place to get the wall project completed.

Several leftist groups are suing the president, which means legal battles over the wall could go on for months. Meanwhile, construction and reinforcement of the wall project continue.

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