Donald Trump Mocks Andrew McCabe as a ‘Poor Man’s J. Edgar Hoover’

The Associated Press
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Donald Trump ridiculed former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Wednesday.

“Andrew McCabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple of days and he looks like a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover,” Trump said.

Trump responded to reporters who questioned the president at the White House about his response to McCabe’s recent media blitz critical of the president and his effort to promote his book.

“I think he’s a disaster,” Trump replied. “And what he was trying to do was terrible and he was caught. I’m very proud to say we caught him.”

Trump was referring to the Inspector General report detailing McCabe’s history of lying about his contacts with the media.

The president defended the rank and file professionals in the FBI, appearing puzzled that a “disgraced” man like McCabe could be in the FBI leadership.

“This man is a complete disaster,” he concluded.

McCabe has fueled a week of news stories critical of the president, portraying him as a lying, thug, mob boss, that tried to intimidate him from investigating the Trump administration.

Trump continued to ridicule McCabe as a lying leaker much like his former boss FBI Director James Comey.

“Remember this, Andrew McCabe didn’t go to the bathroom without the approval of Leakin’ James Comey!” he wrote on Twitter on Monday.


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