Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers: Illegal Aliens Eligible for State ID Cards

Activists gather, with a sign stating "Drivers License = Human Right" on the wall, during
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers announced that illegal aliens would be eligible to receive state-issued identification cards, such as driver’s licenses, if his first budget proposal is approved.

Evers announced on Twitter that the state of Wisconsin would allow illegal aliens “to receive driver’s licenses and ID cards”:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Evers’ proposal would allow foreign nationals— including those who enter the U.S. illegally or overstay their visas— to obtain a state-issued ID card or driver’s license.

“We have undocumented people in the state of Wisconsin who are doing extraordinary work for us — whether it’s helping build roads or milking cows,” said Evers. “A driver’s license would a) allow them to, or require them to make sure that they do know how to drive, and b) that they have insurance.”

Evers added that the plan would make roads safer and juice the state’s economy.

But not everyone is on board with Evers’ plan. Some Republican state lawmakers said the Wisconsin Democrat should not be toying with the state’s budget to promote “tax hikes” meant to support a left-wing policy proposal.

“I don’t think there are many members of the Republican caucus who support this either,” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said in a statement. “It’s disappointing that the governor decided to make his budget a liberal wish list that included proposals like these and billions of dollars in tax hikes.”

If Evers gets his way, Wisconsin will join at least 12 other states, including Connecticut, Colorado, California, Delaware, Illinois, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Maryland, Utah, Washington, and Vermont, which allow illegal aliens to obtain state-issued ID cards.

Evers’ proposal comes as Wisconsin is dealing with an influx of illegal migrants choosing to settle in the state. One Wisconsin county reported having at least 15,000 illegal alien residents, WBAY reported.


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