Nolte: Jared and Ivanka Compared to ‘Cockroaches’ on Jake Tapper’s CNN Show

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner listen to US President Donald Trump speak in the Rose Garden of the White House following the House of Representative vote on the health care bill on May 4, 2017 in Washington, DC. Following weeks of in-party feuding and mounting pressure from the White House, …

CNN’s Paul Begala compared Jared Kuchner and Ivanka Trump to “cockroaches,” and Jake Tapper pretty much let him.

In what has become typical for Tapper’s basement-rated The Lead, Tuesday’s show wallowed in salacious gossip and personal attacks as Tapper hyped yet another anti-Trump book, this one alleging President Trump wanted to fire Jared and Ivanka, wanted to get them out of the White House.

Because reading comprehension is hard and hate makes you stupid, after hearing Trump wanted to fire his own daughter and son-in-law, Tapper still asked his guests: “What, what do you take from, from this book? Is it a sign that loyalty is, is preeminent with the Trumps?”

To which Begala replied, “I think mediocrity is. And when you’re too mediocre even for Donald Trump, you really got a problem. And of course they survived. I mean, cockroaches are going to survive a nuclear war.”

Tapper then jumped in to defend Begala with this: “You’re not calling Ivanka and Jared cockroaches.”

Begala had no real response, and Tapper still let it slide:

BEGALA: “Family is…no, no, no, I’m talking about a separate class of species.”

TAPPER: “Okay.”

BEGALA: “But when they took this job, I thought it was an enormous mistake. I don’t believe in criticizing politicians’ families. They’re no longer family. They’re government officials.”

TAPPER: “Sure.”

BEGALA: “They work for me.”

TAPPER: “Right.”

Democrats sure got it good…

Begala, then, and without any evidence, and with no challenge from the far-left Tapper, called the president a criminal.

Referring again to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Begala said, “I know they both had difficult fathers, right, that’s part of the book apparently. Ms. Ward reports one a criminal, the other Charlie Kushner, the New Jersey real estate developer.”

Yep, Democrats sure got it good, especially on The Lead.

NewsBusters, the outlet that first reported this story, makes a key point about how Begala’s language fits into the wider discussion about the Democrat Party’s latest embrace of antisemitism.

“Considering the wide debate about anti-Semitism on the left and in America more broadly, Begala’s comments could be taken by some as anti-Semitic since Kushner is Jewish and Ivanka converted to Judaism,” NewsBusters writes.

“Begala’s comparison of the Jewish Kushners to insects closely mirrors the rhetoric of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who denied that he was anti-Semitic; instead arguing that he was ‘anti-termite.’”

“Cockroaches” is dehumanizing language and Begala knows it.

And once again Jake Tapper is exposed as a hypocritical phony. Ever since the rise of Trump, Tapper has positioned himself as a sanctimonious crusader for American decency, but here he is allowing people he hates to be called “cockroaches,” just as he remained silent when his audience booed a rape victim over her decision to purchase a gun.

We saw Tapper’s indecent silence again when one of his guests said that Trump had “radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.”

Six weeks ago Tapper made a rape “joke” about Roger Stone.


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