Nolte: CNN’s Town Hall of Hate — Dishonorable Jake Tapper Remains Silent as Women Abused

Jake Tapper, of CNN's State of the Union, speaks to a crowd at the Harvard Institute of Po
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Watch below as CNN’s Jake Tapper badgers a woman — President Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway —  to publicly denounce a hate-filled supporter who attended a 2016 election rally. (Conway immediately does.) Then, watch as Jake Tapper proceeds to publicly scold Conway because Trump did not disavow hate as strongly as Tapper believes Trump should disavow hate.

This video is from October 30, 2016:

Again, because this point is important, as seen in the video above, the anti-Trump Tapper does admit that Trump has already disavowed hate and has disavowed those hate-filled supporters who claim to support him. Nevertheless, the former Democrat operative and Salon contributor, still publicly scolds Conway because, in his own opinion, Trump did not speak out strongly enough.

Additionally, Tapper frequently presents himself as a male feminist, as a champion of women, and does so using his Twitter account and last-place CNN show as a platform to broadcast lectures that portray him as a hero in defense of women.

With all this in mind, now watch for yourself as Tapper remains silent as his own audience boos a rape victim:

Watch as Tapper remains silent when NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch has her motherhood attacked for the first time:

Watch as Tapper remains silent as Loesch’s motherhood is attacked a second time — when she is not even there to defend herself:

It has been more than 48 hours since Tapper hosted his anti-gun town hall, more than 48 hours since he stood silent as his guests and audience abused a rape survivor and a mother, but, unlike President Trump, he has yet to denounce the hate that occurred while he was ringmaster, or to apologize.

Tapper has only offered dissembling excuses for his cowardice and lack of chivalry.

Tapper is so poisoned by his own hate, he could not even summon the chivalry to defend a rape victim and motherhood, or to apologize and denounce it afterward.

It has been said that “a man’s character reveals itself most clearly when he makes a choice under pressure.”

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