Iranian Women’s Soccer Team Consists Mostly of Men

One would not normally think of Iran as a leader in trans-gendered progressive ideology, but when officials began poking around beneath the Islamic head scarves and long-sleeved jerseys worn by players on the Iranian women’s soccer team, they were surprised to discover that most of the players were – to use the hetero-normative language of the obsolete patriarchy – men.

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Bay State Dems: Let Transgender Men Into Ladies’ Rooms

Access by “transitioning” men to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms is a fundamental human right, transgender advocates argued this week at a State House hearing on expanded transgender legislation – the “bathroom bill,” as it is called.

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Transsexual Couple To Have Church Wedding in Denmark

“For us it is important that we not simply be married by the mayor. We love each other, and it’s beautiful to have the acceptance of the church,” said Isabell Storm and Cecilie Mundt, who were both born male. In June 2012 the Danish parliament approved a new law to allow gay marriages in the Lutheran National Church, but so far had not officiated unions between transsexuals.

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