Angel Mom Wendy Corcoran: My Son ‘Forever Separated from Us,’ Illegal Alien ‘Returned Home to His Family’


When her son’s alleged killer was deported from the United States this month, Angel Mom Wendy Corcoran said her family “knew early on that it was a real possibility” that they may never see justice in the courts.

The Angel Family has continued to grieve after 22-year-old Pierce Corcoran was killed in a car crash in Knoxville, Tennessee, allegedly caused by 44-year-old illegal alien Francisco Eduardo Franco-Cambrany just days before New Year’s Eve last year.

Following the fatal crash, some eyewitnesses said the illegal alien would have fled the scene if his car had not been totaled. And despite the crash leading to Pierce’s death, Franco-Cambrany was not mandated to undergo a toxicology report.

Two days after burying Pierce, Wendy said her family discovered that there was no toxicology report conducted — a potential key to the case that may have resulted in a drunk driving, reckless driving, or vehicular manslaughter charges.

“We weren’t thinking about that when we were burying our son,” Wendy said. “Pierce had a toxicology [report] because he went to the medical examiner, but the man that killed him didn’t.”

“A lot of people assumed [Franco-Cambrany] was [driving drunk], but we don’t know that,” Wendy said.

The illegal alien was held in a Tennessee prison for months thanks to the state’s cooperation with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Wendy said the agreement between Tennessee and ICE ensured that Franco-Cambrany was not able to flee the U.S. — as many accused illegal aliens do — after being granted a $3,500 bond.

With the lack of a toxicology report, though, the case slowed and Franco-Cambrany was ultimately deported from the U.S. to his native Mexico on April 8. Wendy said watching her son’s alleged killer get to return to his family without legal ramifications for the accident was difficult.

“Now he’s returned home to his family, and it’s kind of a hard thing because our son is forever separated from us,” Wendy said. “It’s opened our eyes.”

Yet, despite the lack of justice in the court system for Pierce, Wendy said she is grateful that her family has had a voice in the broader issue of American deaths at the hands of illegal aliens.

For instance, the Trump-created Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) was “very good” about making sure the Corcoran family had instant updates on the case and the whereabouts of Franco-Cambrany, Wendy said. When he was deported, Wendy said her family received a call, an email, and a text about the news.

“After meeting other Angel families, we realize how fortunate we are,” Wendy said. “So many of them don’t have a voice at all. We feel very lucky … as far as being heard.”

Online, the Corcoran family has seen a massive response from Americans. At the family’s memorial Twitter account dedicated to Pierce, posts sometimes receive hundreds of retweets and messages of prayers.

Today, the Corcoran family is looking to meet with Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) to change the state’s law and make it mandatory for a toxicology report to be conducted in car crash cases where an individual dies.

“All you can do is hope and pray,” Wendy said.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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