Lee Zeldin Criticizes German Government for Recent Treatment of Rick Grenell

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) praised United States Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell Wednesday during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing and showed respect to German Ambassador to the United States Emily Haber.

“The United States Ambassador to Germany Rick Grenell is doing a fantastic job,” Zeldin stated. “Every time he sneezes in a way that a German politician doesn’t like, someone’s calling for him to be kicked out of the country or some other horrible response.”

Zeldin then criticized the German government for its recent treatment of Grenell, who currently serves as a representative of the American government.

“It’s unfortunate that Germany is not embracing an opportunity to improve dialogue with someone who is honestly reflecting the policy of the United States under the current administration.”

Zeldin then stated he would not do to Ambassador Haber what the German politicians have done to Ambassador Grenell in regards to direct threats.

“I, in response to the letters being sent by the German Ambassador to the United States, am not going to do what the German politicians will do to Ambassador Grenell. The German Ambassador is stating a policy, a position, a statement, a threat, however you want to take it, on behalf of the German government.”

Zeldin added, “I don’t believe that it’s a good idea for us to stop talking to the German Ambassador. I don’t think it’s a productive idea to threaten the German Ambassador or call Germany to replace the German Ambassador.”

“Between allies, we should be able to have honest conversations between our countries and move forward in a healthier, more productive manner. We might be in a different place with Nord Stream 2. We should get to a better place with Nord Stream 2, as well as increased LNG imports, and the threats are not helpful, but I’m not going to respond the way German politicians would respond to Ambassador Grenell.”

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