Watch Live: #JEXIT Rally Encourages Jewish Voters to Ditch Democrats

Jewish Americans are gathering at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday to launch #JEXIT, an effort to encourage other Jewish voters to leave the Democrat Party in the wake of a string of anti-semitic remarks from some lawmakers in recent months and their support for anti-Israel policies.

“We are #JEXIT, Jews that have disregarded the Democratic party because of policy and rampant anti-Semitism,” an announcement about the rally said. “We are holding a rally with notable guest speakers to combat anti-Semitism and attacks on Christians and other minorities.”

“We will not stand for any anti-Semitism, anti-American, or degradation of anyone in the United States of America,” the announcement said. “Lately, voices have been silenced by certain members of the government. We will stand up to them and let them know that we are not afraid.”

“‘Jexit’ backers point to a small but growing number of Democrats who they claim blame Israel for the situation in Gaza as well as support Hamas and the BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement to isolate Israel,” the Las Vegas Review Journal reported, citing the recent uptick in Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel.

“‘Jexit’ said Alexandra Levine, an event organizer and Maryland/D.C. leader for the pro-Trump America First Coalition, is a term for Jewish voters “leaving the Democrat Party to vote Republican.” In addition, Levine told the Review-Journal, the rally is expected to attract Christians, African Americans, and gay voters.”

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