Nolte: Beto’s New Digital Director Believes Nazis Run the Trump White House

Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke, center, speaks during a roundtable discussion on climate change, Monday, May 6, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
AP/Charlie Neibergall

Fake Hispanic Beto O’Rourke just hired a conspiracy theorist who sees Nazis in the White House as his floundering campaign’s digital director, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

Rob Flaherty, who once worked for Hillary “Sore Loser” Clinton, believes White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and former adviser Sebastian Gorka are both Nazis. Flaherty also announced that he has not been near the White House “since the Nazis took over.”

In a July 2018 tweet, Flaherty said of Miller, ‘The image of small-ball nazi Stephen Miller indignantly tossing $80 of uneaten sushi on the way back to the million dollar apartment his parents pay for will sustain me for weeks.”

When Miller took the podium at a summer of 2017 news conference, Flaherty wrote that he “did nazi see that coming.”

Of Gorka, Flaherty simply said, “He is a nazi.”

As the Free Beacon points out, though, this is something Flaherty and Paddy O’Rourke have in common. Back in April, Beto compared the Trump administration to the Third Reich. But in order to make that comparison, O’Rourke had to lie about Trump.

Although Trump specifically referred to deadly MS-13 gang members as “animals,” much of the establishment media and the Democrats spread the fake news that Trump was referring to all migrants.

“Now we would not be surprised if in the Third Reich if other human beings were described as an infestation, as a cockroach, or a pest that you would want to kill, but to do that in 2017 or ’18 in the United States of America doesn’t make sense,” O’Rourke said, probably while standing on a table where people eat while flailing around as though he were having a seizure.

O’Rourke’s decision to hire a paranoid extremist as his digital director, someone who compares his political opponents to those who murdered millions, someone who by extension is labeling everyone who voted for Trump a Nazi supporter, might actually be a useful insight into the state of Paddy’s presidential campaign  — which is dying.

A little over a month ago, O’Rourke was seen as a first or second tier candidate who was edging into double digit support, which put him in third or fourth place behind only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

As of this writing, though, according to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, O’Rourke has lost more than half his support for the Democrat presidential nomination —  a harrowing fall from 9.5 percent a mere five weeks ago to just 4.4 percent today.

O’Rourke is now in firmly in the third tier, in sixth place behind Elizabeth Warren (eight percent), Kamala Harris (seven percent), and Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg (6.6 percent.).

Oh, and O’Rourke is 37 points behind the front-runner, Biden.

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