Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke: Pay Farmers Not to Use Land Before ‘Civilization’ Ends

In this July 18, 2018 photo, soybean farmer Michael Petefish poses in his soybean field at his farm near Claremont in southern Minnesota. American farmers have put the brakes on unnecessary spending as the U.S.-China trade war escalates, hoping the two countries work out their differences before the full impact …
AP Photo/Jim Mone

Democrat 2020 candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke warned that civilization is on a ten-year deadline before leaving kids with “hell” as he defended plans to pay farmers not to use all of their land.

O’Rourke was speaking at Edison High School in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, when he warned that after ten years, the planet would be on a trajectory to “cook” at two degrees Celsius, an increase that will leave kids with “hell.”

“Pay them so they can make a profit, not cultivating every square inch that they own for soybeans and corn in Iowa, but leave it wild in a conservation easement so that they can make money doing their part to save this planet,” O’Rourke proposed with a warning. The warning he tacked on was that there exists just a ten-year “shot clock for this civilization.” Only a couple of audience members could be heard clapping.

“Then we can retake our rightful role as the indispensable nation, convene the other powers of the planet, and ensure that we leave this world doing what no other country is capable of,” said O’Rourke. “Then and only then, we have any prospect of ensuring this planet does not cook two degrees Celsius, after which the train is off the tracks, and our kids and our grandkids and the generations that follow them will inherit a hell that we can only imagine.

The failed 2018 Texas candidate for Senate revealed his climate change plan as he campaigned for president in late April at Yosemite National Park. He estimated the plan’s cost at $5 trillion.

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