Kamala Harris Seeks to Stop Import of Guns Already Blocked from Entry

Semi-automatic AR-15's used in multiple mass shootings in the US, including the most recent one in Parkland, Florida, will no longer be sold in Dick's Sporting Goods stores

Democrat presidential hopeful Kamala Harris is pledging executive action to block “assault weapons” even though their import is already banned.

On March 15, 2019, Politico reported Harris; plan to block “AR-15-style assault weapon imports and suspend all other assault weapon imports until the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can analyze whether they should be permanently banned under U.S. law.”

But the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports the import of such rifles is already blocked, based on the ATF’s interpretation on of import guidelines. Moreover, this has been the case since 1989.

Ironically, Harris is also pledging executive action to “limit fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from buying guns.” However, ATF background check form 4473 already bars such individuals from gun purchases.

Question 11d on ATF Form 4473 already prohibits gun purchases by fugitives from justice, so Harris is pushing a gun control that already exists here, too.

We saw Joe Biden similarly push for gun controls that already existed following the March 7, 2019, Colorado STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting.  The Guardian News quoted Biden saying: “The idea we don’t have universal background checks, the idea that we don’t outlaw a number of the weapons I was able to get outlawed in the crime bill, from large magazines to ‘assault weapons,’ this is crazy.”

The problem with Biden’s assessment is that Colorado has had universal background checks and a “high capacity” magazine ban since 2013. And an “assault weapons” ban would do nothing to have prevented the STEM School attack because handguns were used in the attack.

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