Cenk Uygur: I Don’t Know If Candace Owens Is ‘Pathetically Stupid’ or Just Money Hungry

Candace Owens
Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

The Young Turks co-hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian on Wednesday criticized conservative commentator Candace Owens’ recent debate performance against progressive professor Cornel West on the Fox News Channel.

Uygur accused Owens of either being “pathetically stupid” or driven solely by money to “sell out black people.”

A partial transcript is as follows: 

CANDACE OWENS: Years after slavery, the black community was doing better. We were going up, up, up.

ANA KASPARIAN: That was Candace Owens arguing that “Hey, it is socialism that has lead to the terrible economic situation of the for people of color. And the debate that she had was with Cornel West, as you might have seen in that video, Laura Ingraham hosted this debate segment and Candace Owens said a lot of dumb things throughout. Let’s take a look.

OWENS: 100 years after slavery, the black community was doing better. We were going up, up,up. Then suddenly they socialized our community via welfare policies and the black community started going down, down, down. And you’re sitting here support a candidate [Sen. Bernie Sanders [I-VT] who is advocating to do that on a larger scale. He’s saying we’re going just going to do it for the black community, we’re going to do it for every community in America. You know his policies do not work. You know that socialism has lead to more deaths than anything else in the last 100 years.


CENK UYGUR: First of all, on two separate occasions there, supported white nationalism, which has murdered black people in this country for hundreds of years. It was white supremacy, the idea of that, that drove slavery, Jim Crow, the Klan. Now you have an African-American woman paid to defend white nationalism. That is disgusting…. So the horrible years, where they’re being oppressed against the law and against the constitution, you call ‘the good years’ and then when somebody tries to actually help the African-American community you say, ‘Oh, that’s when things started to go down, down, down.’ I mean, it’s so perverse… I don’t know if she’s just pathetically stupid and doesn’t know any history at all or that she knows the history of how brutal white nationalism and supremacy has been to African-Americans and thinks I don’t care at all, where’s my money? The only color I see is green. You want me to sell out black people and lie over and over and over again about wonderful white people were to us as they were lynching us in the South? Great! Where’s my check? I’m in!


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