Donald Trump: Joe Biden ‘Choked’ in First Democratic Debate

President Donald Trump mocked former Vice President Joe Biden Wednesday for his missteps during his presidential campaign.

“He choked, he choked!” Trump said mimicking Biden looking at his watch, recalling the former Vice President for saying during the debate that he ran out of time while responding to an attack from fellow 2020 hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris.

Trump spoke about Biden during a 2020 campaign rally in North Carolina.

“He’s not prepared, he’s not mentally prepared, that’s his problem, but everybody that knows him knows that,” Trump said.

Trump also questioned whether Biden was willing to stop China from their aggressive military and trade actions.

“Guys like Biden say, ‘Oh, well we’d stop that,’ well he was there eight years … no, Trump is stopping that,” Trump said.

Trump also mocked “Sleepy Joe Biden” for his tiny campaign crowds, claiming that he had “115 people.”

“That’s our first row!” Trump said, as his supporters cheered.

Trump pointing out that Biden continued to sell the “total lie” of the Obama administration promising Americans that they could keep their doctor and keep their private insurance in his health care plan.

“A total lie,” Trump said.


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