Pete Buttigieg to Millennial Democrats: ‘Reagan Era Ends with Us’

UNDATED: (FILE PHOTO) Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan speaks at a rally for Senator Durenberger February 8, 1982. Reagan turns 92 on February 6, 2003. (Photo by Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images)
Michael Evans/The White House/Getty

Mayor Pete Buttigieg declared Thursday the political era of former President Ronald Reagan was over for the millennial generation of Democrats.

“The New Deal Era ended with Reagan, the Reagan era ends with us,” he said during a speech to the Young Democrat convention in Indiana.

Buttigieg criticized Democrats for supporting tax cuts and the concept of smaller government during the Reagan-era and called for uniquely Democrat political solutions going forward.

“It didn’t work,” he declared. “Young Democrats, we are what comes next.”

He said that the Reagan movement was “collapsing” as Republicans of conscience were putting their faith in leaders like President Donald Trump.

Trump’s “every behavior and statement,” he said, “constitutes an insult not just to our values but to their own professed values.”

“They have decided that the only way to preserve their agenda is to betray what they say they believe in,” he said. “They’re basically reduced to burning their own house down.”

Buttigieg promised a bold new future for Democrats who would unapologetically pursue an agenda focused on climate change, gun control, universal health care, and a bigger role for government to “free” the American citizen.

“We need them to make them answer to our agenda because our agenda is that of the American people,” he said.


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