Donald Trump: Justice Kavanaugh ‘Assaulted by Lies and Fake News’

President Donald Trump listens as Judge Brett Kavanaugh his Supreme Court nominee speaks, in the East Room of the White House, Monday, July 9, 2018, in Washington.
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump reacted to the news the New York Times walked back their report on a fresh assault allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“The one who is actually being assaulted is Justice Kavanaugh – Assaulted by lies and Fake News!” Trump wrote. “This is all about the LameStream Media working with their partner, the Dems.”

The New York Times issued the following correction after their “bombshell” story was debunked.

Editors’ Note: An earlier version of this article, which was adapted from a forthcoming book, did not include one element of the book’s account regarding as assertion by a Yale classmate that friends of Brett Kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party, The book reports the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident. That information has been added to the article.

Trump again called for Kavanaugh to sue the news outlets promoting the new assault allegations.

“DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WILL DO OR SAY,” he wrote. “They are looking to destroy, and influence his opinions – but played the game badly. They should be sued!”

Most of the Democrats running for president responded to the Times story on Sunday by calling for Kavanaugh to be impeached from the Supreme Court.


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