Donald Trump: Ask Joe Biden About Ukraine Corruption

GALIVANTS FERRY, SC - SEPTEMBER 16: Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden addresses the crowd at The Galivants Ferry Stump on September 16, 2019 in Galivants Ferry, South Carolina. It's the first time the 143 year-old event has been held in the fall featuring Democratic presidential candidates. …
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President Donald Trump repeatedly cited on Tuesday former Vice President Joe Biden’s scandal in Ukraine, focusing on his son Hunter Biden cashing in on his father’s influence.

The president redirected every question about his decision to suspend aid to Ukraine, and his conversations with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, to question the Biden family and their actions in the country.

“There was never any quid pro quo,” he said, referring to the aid. “Unlike Biden, who by the way what he said was a horror.”

The president pointed at Biden’s son Hunter, who made $50,000 a month while serving on a Ukranian energy board while the former Vice President used threats of withdrawing aid to force the firing of a prosecutor which was also investigating the company paying his son.

“Ask how his son made millions of dollars from Ukraine, millions of dollars from China even though he had no expertise whatsoever,” Trump said.

The president spoke about the issue during a bilateral meeting with United Kingdom Prime Minster Boris Johnson.

Trump commented as a growing number of House Democrats joined calls to impeach the president for abuse of power, driving a narrative that Trump suspended aid to Ukraine to force leaders in the country to investigate Biden.

The president said that he suspended aid to Ukraine, because he felt that other countries should help pay for their aid, not just the United States.

“Why is the United States the only one paying to Ukraine?” Trump asked. “Why isn’t it Germany? … Why isn’t it France?”

The president said he finally consented to deliver the aid to Ukraine after aids and allies urged him to act.

He reminded the press that he sent the best military aid to Ukraine, as they faced threats from Russia-backed forces.

“President Obama used to send pillows and sheets, I sent anti-tank weapons and a lot of things to Ukraine,” Trump said.

Earlier in the day, Trump responded to a growing number of Democrats calling for his impeachment, accusing him of abusing his power to investigate political opponents.

“I think it’s ridiculous.  It’s a witch hunt.  I’m leading in the polls.  They have no idea how they stop me.  The only way they can try is through impeachment,” he replied.


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