Leftist Group American Bridge Lies About Donald Trump Jr. Crowd Size in Louisiana

Crowd with Signs at Louisiana Rally, Photo Courtesy of Louisiana GOP
Photo Courtesy of Louisiana GOP

A top leftist group founded by David Brock, American Bridge, lied about the crowd size at an event Donald Trump, Jr. campaigned at in Louisiana against incumbent Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards on Monday.

Donald Trump, Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle appeared together Monday to support the GOP candidates Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA) and Eddie Rispone, ahead of President Trump’s upcoming Friday night rally in Louisiana.

At the Monday afternoon event there were upwards of 600 people, a capacity crowd.

People Lining up for Louisiana Campaign Rally

Ralph Abraham, People Milling Around Him, Photo Courtesy of Louisiana GOP

Crowd with Signs at Louisiana Rally, Photo Courtesy of Louisiana GOP

But American Bridge took a misleading photo—from hours before the event started—to suggest that the Trump, Jr., rally did not have a big crowd and somehow Republicans were worried.

Obviously, these photos are not an accurate representation of the crowd size given the fact that the photos above it show a much bigger crowd for the president’s son and for the GOP candidates for governor. Edwards has had a close relationship with this misleading leftist organization and has regularly retweeted its staffers’ commentary.

Trump, Jr.’s team and Abraham’s team were quick to rip the leftist organization for the misleading images.

“While the frauds at American Bridge posted pictures of an empty room before the rally even began, the pics we provided prove that the event drew an overflow crowd of over 600 people for a midday Monday rally,” Andy Surabian, a spokesman for Trump, Jr., told Breitbart News. “After getting caught red-handed knowingly lying about this, how can anyone in the media ever trust anything from American Bridge again?”

“If American Bridge spent as much money on research as their founder David Brock spends on cocaine, they might not make mistakes like this,” GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz, who is close with the first family, added – a reference to the American Bridge founder’s reported drug problems.

“This is another pathetic lie against President Trump from a failed and desperate Governor,” Abraham added. “John Bel Edwards is no different than the radicals in his party, who will stop at nothing to impeach President Trump. That’s why Louisiana will re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 and fire John Bel Edwards in 2019. I can’t wait to work with President Trump to make Louisiana win.”

President Trump heads to Louisiana on Friday night for a rally with the GOP candidates. Saturday is Louisiana’s jungle primary, and assuming the Democrat Edwards stays under 50 percent on Saturday, it will go to a runoff between either Abraham or Rispone—whoever finishes in second place—and Edwards. Early voting wrapped this past Saturday with a massive surge in GOP turnout and a much smaller increase in Democrat turnout, a sign Edwards may be headed for trouble on Saturday if Republicans turn out in force in Louisiana this weekend.


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