Minnesota School District ‘Bursting at the Seams’ Due to Mass Immigration

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A Minnesota school district is “bursting at the seams,” a new report details, due to mass immigration that has forever changed the demography of a small town.

The Worthington School District is set to ask voters to approve almost $34 million in more taxpayer money to fund additions to the district due to a continued influx of mass immigration to the area, a Star Tribune report chronicles.

Already, voters in this small community of fewer than 13,300 residents have opposed additional money for the school district five times since 2013.

Mass immigration to Worthington has driven the school district to the brink with a constant flow of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) arriving in the region and newly arrived immigrants sending their children to the region’s schools as they take jobs at the JBS Pork slaughterhouse.

In one case described in the Star Tribune report, a 25-year veteran teacher said that for the first time she no longer has her own classroom as the constant flow of new arrival students has pushed teachers to have to share classrooms.

An English language teacher profiled in the report said she has to teach her foreign students in a converted storage room that is smaller than many household closets.

The issues now facing the small town school district reveal the cost of mass immigration to the everyday lives of Americans who continue to have no say in the matter. Without voter approval, the region has been rapidly diversified:

Nowhere is the demographic change more evident on a daily basis than in the district’s schools, where hallways once dominated by white students have become increasingly diverse. One indicator: 37 languages are spoken by district students. [Emphasis added]

In the past three years, Worthington’s high school enrollment has grown by 19% and middle school enrollment has grown by 9%, while elementary enrollment has been stable, according to figures from the Minnesota Department of Education. About 3,400 students are enrolled in the district, while the maximum design capacity of its schools is about 3,100 students. [Emphasis added]

Over the last six years, the Star Tribune notes, Worthington has been forced to absorb more than 400 UACs, who arrived at the nation’s borders primarily from Central America and were resettled in the area.

Across the country, school districts have had to accommodate a booming foreign-born population due to the nation’s illegal and legal immigration policy which brings about 1.5 million foreign nationals to the country every year.

Projections from an April report by analyst Steven Kopits revealed that by the November 2020 presidential election, nearly one million migrant children may arrive in the U.S. — roughly 800,000 of whom would need to be accommodated by local school districts.

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