Nolte: As Impeachment Founders, CNN Lashes Robert Mueller for Failing to Get Trump

Far-left CNN is now lashing out against Special Counsel Robert Mueller for -- get this -- taking it too easy on President Trump.
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Far-left CNN is now lashing out against Special Counsel Robert Mueller for — get this — taking it too easy on President Trump.

Three years, tens of millions of dollars, countless partisan investigators, and ten phony accusations of obstruction of justice in his final report, and CNN is still unpersoning Mueller for failing in his “due diligence” to depose, indict, arrest, convict, imprison, execute, and launch Trump’s ashes into the flames of the sun.

You may have missed this. After all, CNN’s unwatchable New Day is the lowest rated show in all of cable news. But it is still illustrative of a rabidly partisan cable news cult’s ongoing frustration as they continue to fail to take out the Orange Bad Man.

First, Mueller came up totally empty on collusion and obstruction. In other words, he failed to deliver the orgasmic Mueller Time! the media had promised was inevitable. Then Mueller did a pratfall during his public testimony. If that wasn’t bad enough…

Today, things are even worse for the media.

Before it even began, this phony impeachment process collapsed around the media’s ears. Does anyone doubt this is excruciating for the fake media live through? The worst part is that on top of knowing Trump won’t be impeached is that, for the next few weeks, the media will have to continue pretending otherwise — with have to keep putting on a show, to smile, dance, and sing in a musical they know is a flop.

And so, with this frustration comes bitterness, which turns to anger and resentment, which turns to despair, which you can watch play out as all of this agony manifests itself into CNN taking it out on poor, old Robert Mueller.

The full clip is below, along with a partial transcript, but let’s be honest about the subtext, about what is really being said: If only Mueller had deposed Drumpf! If only he had sat Drumpf before a grand jury! If only that old, senile bastard had indicted Drumpf, we wouldn’t have to sit here in agony day after day after day pretending this futile impeachment crusade isn’t already dead in the water. I’m in hell! I hate my life! I hate America! I hate all good things and pray to Satan, the Dark Lord, to give me the power to smite MAGAtards! Come to me, Lucifer. Come to me…

Seriously watch the hideous Alisyn Camerota’s shattered face throughout this glorious clip:

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: I talk to a lot of people in law enforcement who look at the way that Robert Mueller handled this investigation — you know in law enforcement you follow the facts wherever they lead. It appears now that Robert Mueller was treating the president, essentially, with kids gloves; because rather than compelling him before a grand jury or sending him a subpoena, he accepted these written questions and now I think we know why. Had the president been forced to sit before a grand jury or FBI agent, he almost certainly would have been caught up in other, you know, potential falsehoods possibly lies. …

Law enforcement [is] so disappointed in the Mueller investigation. The criticism I hear about Robert Mueller … is that he treated this investigation like a prosecutor rather than an investigator. We know that he essentially handcuffed himself by this longstanding DOJ policy that you cannot indict a sitting president, and I think that actually had an effect on what he actually gathered, where he went as far as gathering facts. If you’re an FBI agent or an investigator, you gather the facts regardless of the policy is.

I think Robert Mueller’s lack of due diligence as it relates to following all the leads exhaustively, leads us to where we are today.

This is so typical of CNN and the overall corrupt media establishment… Begin with pretending you’re doing journalism by citing unnamed sources in “law enforcement,” which probably means a couple of Deep State losers on the Twitters. And then shamelessly rewrite history with audacious lies about Mueller’s lack of due diligence, this nonsense about how he wasn’t tough or extensive enough, this fairytale about how he didn’t act like an investigator, even though he brought forth countless indictments.

Yes, this stupid and fake impeachment crusade, which the media have already lost because it’s stupid and fake, is all Robert Mueller’s fault.

Mueller had Trump right where the media wanted him, right where he could have tricked the Orange Man Bad into lying, into the perjury trap laid for did General Flynn and the others … and he failed, the old fool.

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