Donald Trump Flips Coin at Army-Navy Game Wearing Keep America Great Hat

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

President Donald Trump flipped the coin to start the Army vs. Navy football game on Saturday, as he personally attended the game in Philadelphia.

“It is obviously with great pride and great honor to welcome our commander in chief the president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump,” the referee said as the crowd cheered wildly.

The president wore a brand new red Keep America Great campaign hat onto the field and tossed the coin.

Army called heads but the coin landed on tails, giving Navy their field position preference.

Earlier in the day, Trump visited the team locker rooms and spoke about signing an executive order allowing military service team members to go onto professional sports, according to the CBS broadcasters. Prior to the order, members of the military had to fulfill their service requirement before going pro.

“What we’re doing now, is you’ll go out and you’ll make a fortune and after you’re all finished with your professional career, you’ll go and you’ll serve,” Trump said. “It probably gives the coach no reason to ever lose another game.”

This is the president’s third time attending the annual Army-Navy matchup game.

Trump attended his first game after he was elected president in 2016 and even did an interview with the CBS announcers.

“I just love the armed forces, love the folks,” he said. “The spirit is so incredible. I mean, I don’t know if it’s necessarily the best football, but it’s very good. But boy do they have spirit.”

Army has won the rivalry game for three years in a row, although Navy has the most wins, leading the series 60-52-7.


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