Teen Vogue’s Top Transgender Christmas Gifts: ‘Chest Binders, Scar Cream’ for Post-Op Sex-Change

Video: Teen Vogue Says ‘the Idea that the Body Is Male or Female Is Wrong’

Teen Vogue is ringing in the Christmas season with gift recommendations for transgender loved ones that encourage surgery and other forms of body mutilation to treat the psychological condition of gender dysphoria.

The online magazine, whose past primary mission was to provide teen girls with makeup tricks and fashion notes, now fancies itself totally “woke” as it blames the Trump administration for whatever misfortune happens to individuals who claim to be uncomfortable with their biological sex.

To compensate for that, Teen Vogue recommends Christmas gifts for transgender BFFs that are sure to make them feel special and loved:

We’ve curated a list of the best gifts for transgender people, made and sold by transgender people. Each of the items below is from a trans-owned and operated businesses to consider supporting this holiday season. Of course, these aren’t only gifts for transgender people — support the trans community this year by getting each of the people on your list this year a gift from a trans-owned business. Whether you’re purchasing for a friend, a newly out co-worker, or the love of your life, there will certainly be a gift for all the people in your life.

Got a female friend who wants to look like a boy? Check out a “gender-affirming” chest binder that will flatten the breasts to give a more masculine appearance.

For those women and young girls who have already gone the route of having a double mastectomy, Teen Vogue recommends, “for the boifriend who can finally flaunt their new chest,” the handy “Flat N Flawless Ultimate Scar Cream.”

“Bonus point: it’s a natural sunscreen, which is super important for fresh scars,” Teen Vogue takes special note.

“For the friend that’s looking to, uh, bulk up” in the genitalia department, Teen Vogue also recommends “Transguy Supply … a one stop shop for stand to pee (STP) prosthetics, packers, binders, underwear, t shirts, and anything else a trans masc person might need for their transition.”

Teen Vogue says Christmas gifters can also help out their “transguy” friend “whose dick keeps dropping in the toilet,” with a special “fabric pouch that holds a silicone prosthetic, which is then attached to underwear either by a safety pin or magnet.”

“If you’ve ever had your prosthetic packer fall into the toilet while peeing (yes, it happens), then you might want to consider other packing alternatives,” Teen Vogue suggests.

On the other hand, if your male friend wants to eliminate the appearance of his genitalia, perhaps a “tucking gaff” is the perfect gift.

“Gaffs are garments used by those that would prefer not to have a visible bulge,” Teen Vogue explains. “Gaffs, worn just like thong panties, can be worn with any and everything or for any physical activity.”

For the trans person who travels, Teen Vogue highly recommends a specially made toiletry bag that houses needles and cross-sex hormone drugs discreetly.

Black men claiming to be women can be the recipients this Christmas of a special line of vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics, including “an eyeshadow palette, eyelashes, and various setting powders.”

“Grab something for the beauty maven in your life,” urges Teen Vogue.

The online magazine notes that all its product recommendations featured “are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.”


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