Watch — Ann Coulter: Media Want Trump Re-Elected so They Can Keep ‘Going Mental Every Night’

Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter told Breitbart News on Friday that she believes there’s something to the idea that the mainstream media want President Donald Trump re-elected, so that they can keep “going mental every night.”

Coulter spoke to Breitbart News after she addressed thousands of young conservatives at Turning Point USA’s fifth annual Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“The New York Times, MSNBC, Stephen Colbert — they were dying until Trump came along,” said Coulter. “I do think there’s something to the idea that they would like Trump to be reelected so they can keep denouncing him, calling him a traitor, going mental every night, and getting lots of readers of viewers.”

“I have seen now, Nicholas Kristof has admitted it,” she added.

The conservative columnist also shared her thoughts on the establishment media’s reaction to impeachment.

It’s really crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it where the entire media is just dedicated to undoing the last election. Now, usually they don’t like the policies, they complain about the policies, and “Oh Reagan, he’s going to get the world blown up,” but with Trump — an accurate summary of their position is, “We find him icky, get this monster of out of my sight.” That’s their argument here.

Coulter also talked about how if Republicans would just learn to get behind popular positions, they would win elections with ease.

Watch below:

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“It’s stunning to me, the night Trump was elected, yeah, it was fun watching Democrats cry,” said Coulter. “I was imagining Republicans back in Washington crying, and realizing, ‘Oh my gosh, have we been on the wrong side of this issue.”

“It’s so easy to win, we just have to be immigration patriots.’ But no — they refuse to learn,” she added.

Coulter also noted the three things that she believes Republicans should learn from President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Number one, you don’t need the donors. You need popular positions. Jeb had $150 million and he only got three more delegates than I did. Number two, immigration, very, very popular. You can be a wild man, you can be an outlaw, you can be Donald Trump. Say the right things on immigration — and you’ll be very popular. Number three, it’s very popular to attack the media. [Trump] attacks the media.

“And I wish more of these weak-kneed Republicans would figure out, instead of groveling to the media,” added Coulter. “Attack the media, and you’ll be popular.”

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