CNN’s Navarro Calls into Question Blackburn’s Patriotism, Sanity for Vindman Attacks

Guest co-host Ana Navarro on Friday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View” questioned Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) patriotism and mental state for her criticisms of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

Navarro, also a CNN contributor, said, “Yesterday Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee spent hours — first she tweeted out and then she spent hours on TV attacking Vindman, Alexander Vindman. She questioned his patriotism. This is a guy who has a Purple Heart because of the injuries he received in the Iraq War. He still has shrapnel in his body. His parents are Soviet Jews who fled communism. I can’t even explain to you how angry I am about that, about calling into question his patriotism. You want to call into question his judgment, fine but for somebody that’s never served in the military, for somebody that’s a Republican — we used to be pro-military — to have the gall — in order to defend a president who pretended to have bone spurs in order not to serve, to have the gall to question this man’s patriotism. To me, I question her patriotism and her sanity. What is going on?

Joy Behar said, “Thank you. Yes.”

ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl said, “It’s a risky thing to do. Colonel Vindman served in the Iraq war. He’s a decorated war veteran.”

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