2A Gaming: Spreading Gun Rights Message via Video Games

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Andrew Gottlieb is launching 2A Gaming as a way of reaching the millions upon millions of people who are steeped in firearm-based video gaming but non-committal when time comes to vote for pro-gun candidates.

During the 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference, Gottlieb explained there are tens of millions of American adults who play video games but only a portion of them are politically active.

Full30 quoted Gottlieb saying, “Sixty-five percent of adults in the United States play video games, 60 percent of those are active in politics and about half of those play games that involve firearms.” Using these statistics, Gottlieb observed that there are millions upon millions of gamers who are politically disassociated; millions upon millions would-be voters who are there and who are already pro-gun.

Gottlieb believes it is time to connect with them in a way that builds support for the Second Amendment.

He said, “There are quite a few people who watch other people play games, and even get advice from them. It drives quite a bit of money in this country, it is a $43 billion industry. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer, are the biggest platforms and they are growing rapidly. Even TV networks are struggling to compete against them.”

He noted that Twitch is owned by Amazon, YouTube by Google, and Facebook by Facebook, and Mixer by Microsoft, meaning some of the biggest tech names out there are fast becoming places for the dispersal of information. 2A Gaming wants to find ways to use those dispersal opportunities to build a pro-Second Amendment community, with the hope of bringing in millions of new pro-gun voters.

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