Nolte: Elizabeth Warren Falls to Fourth Place in Iowa and New Hampshire

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a campaign event, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Former Cherokee Indian Elizabeth Warren has dropped to fourth place in both New Hampshire and Iowa, according to the RealClearPolitics (RCP) poll of polls.

In both states, the first two states where actual voting takes place, and therefore the most important states, Warren’s support has cratered over the past 60 to 90 days.

In Iowa, where voting takes place on Monday — you know, in just a few days, Warren sits in fourth place at 14.7 percent support, an eight point death spiral from November, when she led polling in the state.

Bernie Sanders, the 485-year-old Marxist with a bad ticker, has recently surged into first place, with 24.2 percent support (he beat Hillary here in 2016). Joe Biden, a corrupt and senile racist, is in second place at 21 percent. In third place, beating Lieawatha, is Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg, at 16.8 percent.

In worse news, Amy Klobuchar appears to be enjoying a little bit of an Iowa surge. She sits at 9.2 percent support, but the most recent poll has her at ten percent and Warren at 15 percent. A poll taken just a day earlier had Klobuchar (who’s too dull to earn a nickname) beating Warren 13 to 11 percent.

Imagine the wailing in Cherokee Nation if Pocahontas comes in … fifth in Iowa.

It will be glorious.

In New Hampshire, where voting begins in less than two weeks on the 11th, Warren dropped from first place and 25 percent in support in November, to fourth place and just 13 percent support as of today.

Once again, Bernie Sanders is surging with 24 percent support, which puts him eight points ahead of second place:  Slow Joe Biden, whose support cratered from 23.3 percent two weeks ago, to just 16 percent today.

In third place is the Christian-hating Buttigieg at 14.8 percent.

In Nevada, which is third in line with a caucus that takes place February 22, Warren is holding on to third place with 14.7 percent support. Biden is in first at 25 percent, Sanders in second at 19.3, but…

There has been no polling out of Nevada in three weeks, and…

In the most recent poll, Warren’s support slipped to 11 percent, just three points ahead of Buttgieg and billionaire Tom Steyer.

Finally, in South Carolina, which votes on February 29, Warren again is in third place with 14 percent support. But again, there has been no polling in three weeks, and in the most recent poll, Warren found herself in fourth place, behind Bursima Biden (36 percent), Socialist Sanders (14 percent) and Steyer (15 percent).

All of the above is just the long way of saying that, at least according to the polling, Warren’s political world is falling apart, cratering, collapsing…

It’s fairly easy to pinpoint the beginning of Warren’s fall: it was during her brief moment as the frontrunner. As soon as the spotlight hit her, as soon as she faced a little scrutiny, she fell apart, she came undone. As we have seen before, Warren is a total neurotic. She’s so bad, in fact, so weak and brittle, that when that spotlight hit her, her presidential ambitions unraveled almost immediately over questions she should have know were coming and been fully prepared for.

Of course, I’m talking about her fascist Medicare for All program, that would strip every American of their health insurance and herd us into a once-size-fits-all boondoggle that killed (literally) hundreds of veterans.

One word of warning… Iowa is tight enough that anything could still happen, and with the narrative currently focusing on Warren’s collapse, a strong third place showing in Iowa could rewrite the race.

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