Nolte: Bernie Gets a Briefing About Russia Meddling, Trump Gets Spied On and Wiretapped

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Mark Wilson/Getty Images/Tom Brenner

The same corrupt Deep State that spied on Trump has briefed Bernie Sanders about Russian attempts to meddle on his behalf.

Hey, am I the only one more than a little sick and tired of being treated like a second-class citizen in my own goddamned country?

James Clapper commits perjury… Skates.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page commit adultery and plot a coup… Skate.

Andrew McCabe lies to the FBI… Skates

John Brennan leaks classified information… Skates.

James Comey leaks classified information… Skates.

Adam Schiff caught on audio soliciting foreign election meddling… Skates.

Hillary Clinton destroys some 30,000 emails under congressional subpoena… Skates.

Hillary Clinton sets up a secret, unsecured email server and illegally sends classified information through it… Skates.

Roger Stone? Forty months in prison.

Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn? Life annihilated and facing prison.

There is no justice in this country, only them the persecutors and we the persecuted.

Democrats and their Deep State allies can lie and leak to destroy innocent people, they can destroy evidence, they can seek to manipulate and overturn democracy, and all they get are movie deals, book contracts, speaking fees, and cable news cash.

And now there’s this…

The Democrat frontrunner for the 2020 presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, was briefed last month that Russia is attempting to help him win the nomination.

Did you catch that?






Bernie got a briefing, y’all — a heads up, a warning…

Hey, Bern… Deep State here. Just wanted to let you know the Russians want you to win this thing and they might pull some shenanigans, so be careful not to get yourself duped or tangled up in any of this. Hey, we know you love the old Soviet Union and went to Moscow on your honeymoon and are a socialist at heart, but we also know you’re a patriot who would never want to have anything to do with this, so here’s our heads up.

And you know what? That’s appropriate. That is exactly what should have happened. But…

If you’ll recall, that is not what happened to Donald Trump in 2016.

Nope, in 2016, the un-American Deep State and the malevolent Obama administration did not offer the Trump campaign a heads up, did not give them the courtesy of a briefing over potential Russian interference.

Oh, no…

Instead, the un-American Deep State and malevolent Obama administration chose to use Russian-interference-that-didn’t-end-up-interfering-in-anything as an excuse to spy on the Trump campaign using spies, to wiretap the Trump campaign using wiretaps, to commit perjury against the Trump campaign using forged warrants filled with perjury.

And then, after Trump won in an electoral vote landslide, the un-American Deep State and the malevolent Obama administration committed crime after crime (classified leaks, more perjury) to launch a coup against Trump by way of a three year drip-drip-drip investigation, even though the  investigators knew the investigation was bullshit on day one.

We are second class citizens in our own country.

The justice system prosecutes and persecutes us for the exact same crimes Democrats and the Deep State brazenly commit and get away with.

When it comes to the potential for foreign meddling, the Deep State briefs them and not only spies on us, but taps our phones and sets perjury traps.

Meanwhile, the establishment media frames us for hate crimes we did not commit, and ignores, encourages, and dismisses countless hate crimes committed against us.

If there’s an acid bath filled with piranhas between me and voting for Trump, I will swim it … naked.

It’s all got to come down… All of it.

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